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Pacetrak Auto Center is a service-centric organisation supported by a strong focus on in-house design, development and installation of Telematics technology and data analytics. Cartrack provides fleet, mobile asset and workforce management solutions underpinned by real-time actionable business intelligence, delivered as Software-as-a-Service (‘SaaS’), plus the service of tracking and recovery of stolen vehicles.

Our technology is widely accepted by motor manufacturers and insurers, with hardware and installations being of the highest standard. Pacetrak’s user-friendly and cost-effective web-based Fleet Management portal provides a comprehensive set of features ensuring the optimisation of both fleet and human resources. To expand its integrated service offering, Pacetrak is providing driver risk assessment offerings in the field of Insurance Telematics.

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Pacetrak Auto-Center Limited

Our Advanced Fleet Management System uses the most recent state of the art technology in the Kenyan market, making our Fleet Management package second to none. We believe in quality, affordability and giving everyone a chance to secure their fleet of vehicles.


The following fleet management tracking package tailor made for Taxis, Car Hire, Car Rentals and Delivery and Distribution Vans and Vehicles is offered to our customers:



Trailmycar F

Trailmycar F - This is a fleet management package tailored for: Transport Companies, Leasing and Car Rental companies, Delivery and Distribution companies. Its main features are:

Trailmycar Features


  • Speed reports and alerts
  • Mileage reports
  • Geo-fencing control
  • Stop report and Engine Speed Reports
  • SOS panic button with Door and Window Control
  • Engine cut off and Internal Battery Backup, up to 3 days
  • User Name and Password to access the Fleet Management System
  • Ignition and Acceleration Detection alert
  • Digital Input for Engine Control
  • Fuel Level Sensors