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Pacetrak Auto Center is a service-centric organisation supported by a strong focus on in-house design, development and installation of Telematics technology and data analytics. Cartrack provides fleet, mobile asset and workforce management solutions underpinned by real-time actionable business intelligence, delivered as Software-as-a-Service (‘SaaS’), plus the service of tracking and recovery of stolen vehicles.

Our technology is widely accepted by motor manufacturers and insurers, with hardware and installations being of the highest standard. Pacetrak’s user-friendly and cost-effective web-based Fleet Management portal provides a comprehensive set of features ensuring the optimisation of both fleet and human resources. To expand its integrated service offering, Pacetrak is providing driver risk assessment offerings in the field of Insurance Telematics.

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Is your car still where you left it? - With the use of PaceTrak GPS vehicle Trackers, it is confident knowing you can locate your valuable asset at any time. Everyday vehicles are stolen from parking places ,offices, carjacking etc,That's why it's more important than ever to protect your vehicles with a stolen vehicle recovery system that is reliable and effective. PaceTrak has led the way in stolen vehicle recovery solutions for years ,Our stolen vehicle tracking units use cutting edge technology to recover vehicles fast, often within hours.

Buying a car? - A new car is a big purchase, for most second only to buying a house. Therfore ensuring you have the best protection for your vehicle is important. New cars are less likely to breakdown, are cheaper to tax and are safer should you be involved in an accident. Unfortunately, new cars are also desirable to thieves but by installing new car security technology from PACETRAK you dramatically increase your chances of retrieving your vehicle should it be stolen.